Controlled Chaos Dog Training LLC
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Our Dogs
We feel that seeing photos of our dogs will enable you to get to know us better.  We currently have five dogs in our "pack."  
We have three German Shepherd Dogs, Kato (black GSD), Lexi (bi-color GSD), and Havok (dark sable GSD).  We also have one Belgian Malinois, Khaos, and a mystery mix senior boy who is twelve years young, Troy.  

We are working at getting Havok and Khaos titled in AKC obedience this year.  Havok is our Schutzhund dog and Khaos is our Protection Sports Association dog.  Additionally, Khaos is trained in Narcotics Detection and Evidence Recovery (Article Search) as well as Search and Rescue.  

We are training Kato and Lexi to do a variety of tricks both for fun and to demonstrate how trick training can help build the bond between you and your dog.  Check back soon for this video, which will be published on our facebook page and on the website.  

We hope that you feel like you've "met" us after you view a few of our favorite photos!  Thanks for checking us out!  
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